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SUNJAY   "One night Only"                                                 Click To purchase                

Sunjay Brayne live at The woodman Folk Club  in the spring of 2013

Intro / Love You Like A Man /  Scarlett Town / Street Riot / Can't Shake These Blues / It Doesn't Matter Anymore

Don't Breathe A Word / The Fire Down Below / Statesboro Blues /  Sittin' On Top Of The World /  Seems So Real

The Devil May Ride / Sailing To Philadelphia /  Help Me Now / Going Down The Road / One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer

EDDY MORTON      " Stourbridge Town"     NMM 2007/1

Recorded at New Mountain Music syudios , Katie Fitzgeralds, stourbridge 2006. Released 2007 Distributed throughout the UK through Proper access. Also available on Amazon.com and iTunes.

Rambling Rose At Heart / Man who's Got No name / Queen Of stourbridge Town / Starlight road / Clear island / Going Home / King Of My own country / The Vision / Other Side Of town / Light Of your love / TuesDes Annees Lumiere

EDDY MORTON      " The Singing Tree"     NMM 2005        

Recorded Intown Row Walsall , 2004. Released 2005 Distributed throughout the UK by Proper access

Also available on Amazon.com and ITunes

Before the Morning Come  / Fathers Son / Liberty Falls / Brother Can You Help Me / Travelling Man / Back to the Land / Sea of Changes / Hey Joe / Ordinary Man Ordinary Woman / Lighthouse

EDDY MORTON  & THE BUSHBURYS   " Timeless"    ENI 125 CD  

Recorded by Phil Savage at MASC Birmingham 2000  Released 2001 Distributed throughout Europe by Plaene Records available on iTunes

Black Jack Raven / Starlight Road / Rage Johnny Rage / Tmeless / Back to the Land / World Away From Here /

No Loving Here No More / Easy / River Street / Beautiful World / Howling at the Moon / Lighthouse  

THE BUSHBURYS         " Trying to Catch the Sun"   MASC 105

Recorded by Phil Savage at Pebble Mill Studios Birmingham and New Mountain Music Studios Cotteridge Birmingham in 1999  Released Sep 2000

Slow Train / Trying to Catch the Sun / On and On It Goes / Walton Hill / Camille / Never Know What You've Got Until Its Gone / Union Jack  / When We Were Young / Wild English Rose / The Vision / Playing Chess Games in the Park / Good News  / The Ferrytman / Dont Know Where I'm Going

THE BUSHBURYS    " Howling At The Moon"   NMM 2013/13

Recorded live at The Robin Merry Hil in 2009  Released Mar 2000 Engineered and produced by Eddy Morton

Live Sound by Trevor Johnson

Rainy Nights in Birmingham /Rage Johnny Rage  / Howling At the Moon  / Sweet Lilly  / All for the Love of You

Travelling  / You're Not My Brother  / The Pear Tree  / Ghost Train  / Rebecca's Heart  / End of the Day

Urban Hillbilly JPG.001 images images images images images Proper_Distribution_Logo Proper_Distribution_Logo What It Is To Be Human Jpeg.001

EDDY MORTON     "What It is to be Human"

Recorded at New Mountain Music studios throughout 2013  . Hey Hey Love Will Find Away

What It Is to Be Human / Rising Up / Everything Has Changed   / Man of Fire   /Let Your Love Shine On Through

Glory Glory Glory / Calling Me On / Nobody Love You Like I Do / There's Got to Be Much More Than This

Perfect Heart / Launch the Lifeboat

images Album cover 700 .001

SUNJAY                  NMM 2014/101                                     Click To purchase                

New studio album recorded at New Mountain Music Studio

London Road/ Drop Down Mama/ Going Down The road/ Philadelphia / Memphis / No regrets/ Big Jim / Close your eyes, Sittin'On Top Of the world /  Folk singer Earns Every dime.

BORN BRED BELIEVES    Compilation album     NMM 2015/1        

featuring 19 tracks from various artists in support of Stourbridge Foundation 4 Music

available on Amazon.com and ITunes

Born Bred Believes - Ian Marrey / We Gotta Run  -The Empty Can /

The Battle For Stourbridge - Eddy Morton / Take Me out Waltzing Tonight- Roy Bailey /

Sittin' On Top Of The World - Sunjay / The Deal - Ben Smith /A Little redemption-Danni Nicholls / Stanley and Iris- Pete Boddis / Lovers By The Sea - Pete Kelly / Next Door Nigel- Robb Johnson / Is This Poetry- Jess Silk / Roll Up For The Donkey derby-Attila The Stockbroker / Festival at Home Humdrum Express- / Their world - Bleeding Hearts / ^ Degrees Of Separation- Dave Onions / Empty - Cal Doonican / Marr Cuppa Tay- Black Country Gaz /  I Sing alone - Vix and Her MsChiefs / the World turned Upside Down- Leon rosselson performed by Pete Lowe

BBBfront JPG Stourbridge Foundation logo 2.2 JPG.001

EDDY MORTON      " Rainbow Man"      NMM 2015/2

Recorded at New Mountain Music srudios , Katie Fitzgeralds, Stourbridge 2014. Released April 16th 2015  available on Amazon.com and iTunes.  . This album is dedicated to the memory of Jeffrey Homer  Rainbow man inspired by Mark Viner Stuart and Jai Homer

Rainbow Man  / The battle For Stourbridge / London Town / War in Any Other name / Emily  / Lord you aint no Friend O'mine / When The Circus Comes to Town /  When I'm gone / Angels Never Cry / On The Journey From The Schoolhouse   /  Ghostland

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