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As the founder member of The New Bushbury Mountain Daredevils and later the Bushburys Eddy Morton toured the UK and Europe constantly for eleven years releasing 8 albums During which time the band appeared at every major Folk/Roots Festival in the UK and Europe including Cambridge, Cropredy, Skagen, Guildford, Dranouter, The Badentreffen (Nuremburg) and many more.  The Bushburys last two albums "Trying to Catch the Sun" and "Timeless" were released throughout Europe on the Plaene Records label . "The Vision" taken from "Trying to Catch the Sun " also appeared on the Warner Brothers compilation "Highlands and Islands 2" alongside artists such as The Chieftains, Luka Bloom, and Van Morrison. “Union Jack” from  “Trying To Catch the Sun”  appeared on the recent “Folk the Banks” album.

As a solo artists eddy Morton has released 3 albums " The Singing Tree" and   "Stourbridge Town" both distributed via Proper throughout the UK.  New album “What It Is to be Human” was released in 2013 and is available on iTunes .

As a solo performer, Eddy Morton has worked all over the UK, Ireland and the USA supporting many top acts including, The Saw Doctors, Manfred Mann, Ralph Mctell and Lindisfarne. In 1992 he joined Factory Records band, the Adventure Babies working with Steve Lillywhite of U2 fame. Based in Stourbridge Eddy morton has for the past sixteen years run live music venue Katie Fitzgeralds , New Mountain music and more recently KMS events  organising countless concerts and is now  co director of The Stourbridge Folk Festival in its second year.  Rainbow Man  Eddy Morton's fourth solo album now available on iTunes



EDDY MORTON - "The Singing Tree" (www.eddymorton.com)

New Mountain Music - Cat. No. NMM2005

Distributed by Proper Access

Americana UK. "For those who know Eddy Morton only as the front man in the various incarnations of the Bushbury Mountain Daredevils, "The Singing Tree" may come as something of a shock. Morton has journeyed from good-time folk/country to reflective singer-songwriter, but on the evidence of this album, it’s where he should have been all along".


World Unlimited "Excellent songwriter and singer..... good songs, good CD".


Net Rhythms "As fine a piece of work as anything he's recorded in the decade or so since the demise of the undervalued Adventure Babies. Evocative of a Celtic hued Martyn Joseph, Ralph McTell and Mike Peters with clear touches of Dylan influence".


Dave Lee Travis "I must confess, I love this song". Ordinary Man, Ordinary Woman.


Bristol Evening Post "Eddy writes intelligent lyrics and has a deep, gravelly voice with a nasal quality that is extremely listenable".


Maverick Magazine " From professional footballer to one of the finest songwriters in the UK. The album is a testament to his writing and singing skills".


Folk Diary "All his songs are extremely well constructed with highly memorable melodies".


Classic Rock Society "Eddy is a singer/songwriter of some quality. The album consists of thoughtfully constructed, semi-acoustic, melodic rock and is very pleasing to the ear & a highly listenable album".


Country Music Round Up "Eddy is a highly talented Dylanish songwriter, a thinking-storyteller and a searcher. Husky-voiced, EM incorporates his natural poetic and musical gifts into his engaging quest. His wistful songs are his gentle sermons and his pulpit is his guitar. Living is not for him something to take lightly".


Folk North West "With "The Singing Tree" Eddy shows off his gentle acoustic style on 10 self-penned songs. If you’re a fan of gentler folk/rock it could be just what you want".


Music Mart July 2006 "Singing Tree" is an admirable effort that possesses many charms. As a showcase for a talented songwriter it certainly scores a big victory".


Birmingham Mail "It’s a terrific album & he’s also worth seeing live".




1991 Laugh The Adventure Babies Factory Records

1992 The Infinite Room Eddy Morton

1994 Bushbury Mountain The New Bushbury Mountain Daredevils

1995 Peace And Justice The New Bushbury Mountain Daredevils

1996 Urban Hillbilly The New Bushbury Mountain Daredevils

1997 The Bushburys Live

1998 Brand New Day The Bushburys

1999 Trying To Catch The Sun The Bushburys

2000 Highlands and Islands 2 The Bushburys

2001 Timeless Eddy Morton & The Bushburys

2004 Picturehouse                     Eddy Morton

2006 The Singing Tree              Eddy Morton

2009  Stourbridge Town            Eddy Morton

2013  What It Is To Be human   Eddy Morton

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Caithream Ciuil show on BBC Radio nan Gaidheal are making the album Rainbow man ...Album Of The Week starting May 18th on their daily show.

Eddy Morton 2015 R2 review 200dpi

Rock and Reel R2 magasine Sep 2015    

" Morton's ability to craft compelling,pertinent lyrics, fine song hooks and distinctive melodies, is without doubt"

John Crosby


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